Prof. Giles Scott-Smith na ÚSD

Ve dnech 8. a 9.10. 2018 zavítá na Ústav světových dějin prof. Giles Scott-Smith (Leiden University/Academic Director of the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies, Middelburg). Kromě přednášky povede také seminář, který je organizován společně se Skupinou pro výzkum studené války. Pobyt prof. Scott-Smithe je financován z prostředků RUK určených na rozvoj strategických partnerství.

Seminář s názvem Cold War Cultural Lines: The Congress for Cultural Freedom, the Obor Foundation, and the Campaign to Create a Liberal Public Sphere in SE Asia se uskuteční v pondělí 8.10. od 17 hod v místnosti P302a.


The seminar will cover the campaign of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) to establish a global liberal intellectual community as part of the Cold War contest of ideas with the communist world. A central part of this campaign were the many journals set up or supported by the CCF around the world, some of which still exist today. The seminar will discuss the research on those journals from the recent book, Campaigning Culture and the Global Cold War, and then look in detail at one of the most interesting developments that came out of the CCF campaign – the Obor Foundation of Ivan Katz, and the attempt to pursue the CCF agenda by other means in SE Asia from the 1970s onwards.

Přednáška s názvem Looking for Lagonia: On ‘Imaginary Bridges’ and Cold War Boundaries se uskuteční v úterý 9.10. 2018 od 9:15 v místnosti P301.


On 28 May 1987 the West German teenager Matthias Rust took off in his single-engined Cessna from Helsinki’s Malmi airport and headed out over the Gulf of Finland. Within half an hour he changed course, heading instead for the Estonian coast. Several hours later he landed his plane on Red Square, the centre of Moscow. His escapade caused a sensation and had major political ramifications in the Soviet Union. This lecture looks at Rust’s background, his motivation, and how we might interpret its meaning within Europe’s experience of the Cold War.

Prof. Giles Scott-Smith holds the Ernst van der Beugel Chair in Transatlantic Diplomatic History during the 20th Century at Leiden University, and is the Academic Director of the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies in Middelburg, The Netherlands. From 2013-2016 he was Chair of the Transatlantic Studies Association. In 2017, as one of the organisers of the New Diplomatic History network (, he became one of the founding editors of Diplomatica: A Journal of Diplomacy and Society published with Brill. He is co-editor for the Key Studies in Diplomacy book series with Manchester University Press. His most recent publications include Campaigning Culture and the Global Cold War: The Journals of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (ed. with Charlotte Lerg), Palgrave, 2017, Global Exchanges: Scholarships and Transnational Circulations in the Modern World (ed. with Ludovic Tournes), Berghahn, 2017, and Global Perspectives on the Bretton Woods Conference and the Post-War World Order (ed. with J. Simon Rofe), Palgrave, 2017.

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