Doctoral Study

Individual Study Plan (ISP)

Study is based on an individual study plan, which, according to the valid study plan of accreditation, is prepared by the PhD students in cooperation with their supervisor, with whom he/she deals on a regular basis concerning all scientific and pedagogical issues and with whom the student is in regular contact. If an obligation isn’t met because of a serious reason, a request may be submitted to the Dean to move this task to the next year of study. The submission is reviewed by the supervisor and the department board. However, the attestation cannot be moved to the next year of study in the 3rd year of full-time study! Administrative and Technical Study Matters, not within the competence of the Charles University Faculty of Arts Research Office, such as the entering of attestations into SIS, protocols of the fulfilment/failure to pass attestations and the submission of dissertations are in the competence of Ph.D. ThLic. Drahomír Suchánek, Ph.D., Th.D. Within two months of starting studies, it is necessary to submit the assignment of the dissertation into SIS in cooperation with the supervisor.

Enrolling into courses on SIS

For a PhD student, it is mandatory to enrol into courses electronically using the Student Information System (SIS). The information on SIS (semesterly enrolled subjects and attestation results) are used parallel to protocols of the fulfilment/failure to pass attestations and the entry in the statement of study as proof of the process of study, as an attachment to a dormitory application, to print the Diploma Supplement etc. Data related to granting attestations are used not only to record the fulfilment of study obligations but also to accurately record the number and type of attestations granted by teachers. Electronic enrolment is done according to the academic year schedule.

Foreign Language Exam Information | Philosophy Exam Information

For more details and necessary deadlines, visit the traditional introductory information meeting with newly enrolled students in the first week of October.


Departmental Board

History/General History Doctoral Degree study is supervised by the relevant Departmental Board, chaired by prof. PhDr. Václav Horčička, Ph.D. The Departmental Board assesses scientific, pedagogical and other activities of doctoral students and decides on granting/not granting doctoral degree attestations.

  • The validity of History – General History (Ph.D.) Accreditation until 31 December 2024

Obligations of PhD Students

Based on the decision of the Director of the Institute of Global History, all History/General History study programme doctoral students, in addition to the duties stipulated by the supervisor resulting from the individual study plan, are obliged to do the following:

  1. After returning from a foreign stay or internship, to send by email the relevant documents confirming the accomplishment of the intended activity to the doctoral study officer – Foreign Residence Report Form
  2. In addition to the annual assessment of doctoral studies in September, to send by email attached a list of scientific activities to the doctoral study officer and to the supervisor.
  3. Enter all your publishing activities continuously into OBD (PBD – Personal Bibliographic Database). If you have any questions, it is recommended that you read the PBD/OBD manual first or contact the Coordinator for the output of teachers and students at the Institute of Global History.
  4. If necessary, help out at events organized by the Institute of Global History.


Important contacts

Chairman of the Departmental Board

prof. PhDr. Václav Horčička, Ph.D. |

Doctoral Study Officer

PhDr. ThLic. Drahomír Suchánek, Ph.D., Th.D. |

The Coordinator for the entering of output into the PBD/OBD and system administration of the PBD/OBD on behalf of the IGH/ÚSD

PhDr. Jan Koura, Ph.D. |

Coordinator for the submitting of student theses on behalf of the IGH/ÚSD

PhDr. Jaroslav Valkoun, Ph.D. |

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