The General and Comparative History Seminar

The General and Comparative History Seminar (GCHS/SOKD) is characterized by its interest in research and in the interpretation of general phenomena, processes and problems (the formation of nations, urbanization, travel and otherness and the emergence of a civil society) in a broader and comparative perspective, not in an enclosed framework of national or state history, while also comparative history uses knowledge and theoretical and methodological tools of other human and social sciences (ethnology, geography, sociology and political science). The GCHS/SOKD was founded in 1993 during the transformation of the Department of General History into the Institute of Global History and even to this day is the only specialized department in the Czech Republic focused on comparative history. Members of the seminar are part of the Research Centre for the Study of Mankind and Society. They work in the Research Group for Cultural Heritage, Processes of Identification, Public Space and Cities (CHIPPC) that they have founded. The seminar has its own website.


Head of the seminar

Mgr. Jiří Janáč, Ph.D.    Room 302B


Seminar members


Mgr. Jaroslav Ira, Ph.D.    Room 302B

Mgr. Ondřej Daniel, Ph.D.    Room 302B

Mgr. Eva Hajdinová, Ph.D.   Room 302B


PhD students

Mgr. Iris Bevanda

  • Primary education in Croatia and the Czech Kingdom during the reign of Maria Theresa and Joseph II.
Mgr. Martin Branda

  • The perception of Spain and its cultural heritage in Great Britain during the end of 18th and the first half of 19th century.
Mgr. Vojtěch Halama 

  • Transformation of Attitude of the Irish state towards Legacy of the Easter Rising in 1998–2016.
PhDr. Jan Krajíček

  • Cultural Heritage as a Revitalization Tool for Peripheral Regions in Central Europe.
Mgr. Natallia Linitskaya

  • Place Of Formation Of The Soviet Man: Traktormakers‘ neighborhood In Minsk In Late Stalinism and Postsocialism.
Mgr. Jakub Mazanec

  •   Cold War Technopolitics in The Third World – A Case Study of Water Management in Ghana.
Mgr. Martina Reiterová

  • National and Regional Movements in the so-called Celtic Countries (Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) in the Late 19th and at the Beginning of the 20th Century and their Relationship to the Celtic Identity
Stepanida Sashnikova

  •   Public places and public sphere of Russian migrants in Paris in the 1920 – 1930’s.
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