Lecture of Dr. Mateusz Sokulski

The Institute of World History hosted the lecture of

Dr. Mateusz Sokulski from the Institute of History, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Silesia in Katowice. The English delivered lecture was on 

Yugoslav Relations with Eastern Bloc in the Cold War.

The lecture took place on Moday 4 April 2022, from 12.30.


Mateusz Sokulski, Associate Professor at the University of Silesia, Institute of History. He is interested in the modern history, with special focus on the Balkans, history of diplomacy and history of the dissident movement. He carried out research in Belgrade, Zagreb, Warsaw, Moscow and Prague.

Yugoslav Relations with Eastern Bloc in the Cold War (pondělí 4. dubna od 12:30)

Yugoslavia as the communist state led very specific foreign policy as it remained independent on the Soviet Union after 1948 till the end of the Cold War. The main target of the lecture is to show intensity of argues between Belgrade, Moscow and Soviet satellite states. It is also important to underline ideological issues, the role of the USA and its policy towards Eastern Block and Yugoslavia. Mateusz Sokulski would like to present development opf relation during period of distrust (1948-1953) and some trials of reconciliation in the mid-1950’s, ideological disputes in the furher period, break up of relations after Warsaw Pact aggression on Czechoslovakia and quite balanced relations in the 1970’s.


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