Výzva k předkládání přihlášek na konferenci o dějinách Společnosti národů“

Call for Papers for the international conference:

The League of Nations: The First Global Peacekeeping Organization in the Changing World – Interdependencies and Reflexions


Held on:

3–4 November 2022, Prague, Czech Republic



The Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The Department of Global History at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

National Archives

Institute of East European History, University of Vienna

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic


Conference languages: English, German



When the last shots of the just-finished war fell silent in November 1918, it became clear that the emerging post-war period was an opportunity to transform Europe, or even the entire world order. Subsequent talks in Paris set the framework for international relations at a time when Europe and the world were amid war and peace and faced various crises, or smaller and larger conflicts.

The principle of balance of power was changed with the principle of collective security and founding of a new world organization. Thus, the League of Nations, founded in 1920, along with other world organizations (Nansen International Office of Refugees, International Criminal Police Commission, etc.), aimed to minimize the possibility of repeating major wars in the future and to create an ideal global community with full cooperation in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres.

The conference intends to provide answers to questions how the League of Nations functioned in post-war Europe as well as globally, and challenges and obstacles the first world peace organization. Welcomed are papers that approach the legacy of the League of Nations and other world peace-keeping organizations in broader methodological and conceptual perspectives, with regard to specific implications in the context of the Interbellum.


Selected papers will be printed in a conference collective monograph, planned for issue in 2023/2024. The organizers will cover accommodation.


Please send proposals of contributions – title, abstract (no longer than 300 words), CV – by 11 March 2022 to the following email address:

conference2022eng@ff.cuni.cz (for communication in English)

conference2022ger@nacr.cz (for communication in German)

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