Sovereignty vs. Prosperity? The Swiss-Liechtenstein relationship

Ústav světových dějin zve na přednášku Dr. Martiny Sochin d´Elia (Liechtenstein Institut, Knížectví Lichtenštejnsko) na téma „Sovereignty vs. Prosperity?  – The Swiss-Liechtenstein relationship„. Přednáška se koná 5. 11. 2018 od 14,15 hod. v místnosti č. 209 (Palachovo náměstí). Bude proslovena v německém jazyce.

Sovereignty vs. Prosperity?  – The Swiss-Liechtenstein relationship

Since January 1st, the Swiss-Liechtenstein Customs Treaty has bound the two small states together in a common, unitary customs and economic space. Viewed from a today’s perspective – across the more than nine decades of its existence – the relationship between Switzerland und Liechtenstein can be described as „friendly“. Both Liechtenstein and Switzerland have benefited from the customs union. Nonetheless, there were serious conflicts which cast a shadow on the amicable arrangement between the two neighbouring countries.

In this speech I will take a longitudinal section through the past 90 years and trace point for point the influence and the reciprocal effects of the Customs Union Treaty on Liechtenstein’s sovereignty and its economy. I will focus especially on how the relationship between the economic advantages conferred by the treaty on the one hand and the disadvantages it occasioned in terms of political sovereignty on the other developed and also changed over the intervening decades.

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