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Europaeum Scholars Programme - Call for Applications (2018)

The Europaeum (an association of a dozen of Europe’s leading universities) invites applications from talented and highly motivated doctoral students with an interest in policy making and/or public engagement for its innovative new doctoral training programme. We have successfully brought together talented students and faculty working in the humanities and the social sciences for twenty-five years through faculty collaboration, student exchange, joint teaching programmes, lectures and workshops, and student spring and summer schools. We also have a long history of promoting productive discussion between academics and practitioners. We believe that today, we need more not less international collaboration, more not less emphasis on universities engaging with wider society, and more not less connection between the disciplines. And we believe that fresh cohorts of talented young people, committed to making a difference for the better, are essential to shaping the future of Europe for the better.

Our Scholars Programme offers a world-class programme designed to produce a new generation of leaders, thinkers, and researchers who have the capacity to shape the future of Europe. Starting on the evening of 2 January 2018, the programme will run for two years alongside Scholars’ existing doctoral studies. In its inaugural year, it will engage academic thinking with the cultural, political and societal challenges facing Europe today by focussing on three key areas of crucial importance to Europe’s future: inclusion, sustainability, and growth and development (broadly defined).

Based in Geneva, Leiden, Oxford, and Prague, the Europaeum Scholars Programme draws upon the combined resources of Europaeum members. Scholars will be taught primarily by academics affiliated with the Europaeum as well as external experts, leading thinkers, media experts and business people, and those directly engaged in making policy. Scholars will meet the governed, as well as the governing. And they will work together on a project of their own design of direct relevance to cultural, political, economic, or social policy.

Our programme is ideal for students working within European studies (broadly defined) who “think for themselves but not just of themselves”, who want to make a difference, and who are in their first or second year of doctoral studies in a relevant humanities or social science discipline such as Anthropology, Area Studies, Cultural Studies, Economics, European Law, European Studies, Geography, History, International Law, International Political Economy, International Relations, Media Studies, Political or Moral Philosophy, Political Science, or Religious Studies. All applicants must be enrolled on a doctoral programme at a Europaeum university.

Applications will close on 15 November 2017. Applications must be submitted in English to both [HOME UNI CONTACT] and  For more information about the Scholars Programme and how to apply, please visit

My views on the EU and the damage of Brexit are well known. What appeals to me about the Europaeum is that it transcends Brexit by working right across Europe. In particular, the teaching venues of the new programme will offer students radically different perspectives: from the UK leaving the EU, to the Netherlands as a full founder member, to the Czech Republic, a relatively new EU entrant, but not in the Eurozone, to Switzerland which occupies a position all of its own.” Pascal Lamy, former European commissioner for trade and director-general of the WTO, Trustee of the Europaeum


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