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The British Press and the "Czechoslovak Events" in the Years 1945-1948 - Abstract ENG

Petr Beránek
This study deals with views of British journalists on the situation in Czechoslovakia and on the rise of communist movement in 1945-1948. That is why it points out some important episodes, which found strong responses in Fleet Street, for instance expulsion of Czech Germans, parliamentary elections in 1946, Marshall 's Pian and February communist plot; simultaneously it analyzes the key words of this text. In Great Britain there were great differences between intellectual (or "quality") and "popular" (ar mass-market) newspaper; the other difference was among labour, liberal and  conservative press. However, all British newspaper considered the Marshall 's plan a turning point, which demonstrated a dependence of the Czech policy on the Soviet Union. In February 1948 the British nespapers found out the communist plot was a swift action which was prepared a long time before, and compared this event to the Munich ten years ago.

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