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The Reaction of the Netherlands to the Expansion of the Firm Baťa to Its Local and Colonial Markets between the Two World Wars

Sylva Sklenářová
The expansion of the firm Baťa to the markets of the Netherlands and its colonies in East India was accompanied by the many protests of the local shoemakers from the very beginning. This negative reaction against the methods and the work of the Czechoslovak firm increased namely during the years of the Great Depression when the protests mentioned above led to the squeeze on import of shoes to the country. That is why the management of the firm decided to solve these problems through building of an own factory in the kingdom. In 1934 this decision was executed and a small town Best became a residence of Baťa's factory. In this time the firm decided to expand to the Netherlands colonial markets, too, which were absolutely unknown for the Czechoslovak exporters; they were - among others - dominated by Japan and Chinese shoemakers. However, in the end of the 1930 the firm despite their negative reaction managed to open its own factory in this area.

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