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The CMEAS Help to the Developing Countries: The Case GDR and Socialist Ethiopia - Abstract ENG

Although the assessments of the econornic help results of the East block countries, and namely the Cerman Democratic Republic (GDR), given to thc developing countries largely differ, it is impossible to deny that the European states had a substantial innuence on their internal development. In the case of Ethiopia the GDR directly supported by means of financial resources and provision supplies of the bulk of military material the Marxist regime af Mengistu Haile Meriama; therethrough the GDR contributed to the immediate survival and consolidation of its power for next decade. Generally speaking, thc activities af the socialist countries in the developing countries were expensive and non-returnable enterprise without deep thinking out of results. lt is neeessary to consider them rather as results of political and ideological interests than goal-directed economic policy. The success of this support was temporally limited and had no permanent positive impact for any of these sponsored countries.

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