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Ninety Years of the Trianon Peace Treaty. The Decisive Moments from the Dealing of Hungarian Government and Hungarian Peace Delegation - Abstract ENG

Andrej Tóth
Hungnry was invited to the Paris Peace Conference on the basis of the decision of the Supreme Council of the Peace Conference. Budapest did not agree with the peace conditions but it sent its delegarion to the Pence Conference without any delay. The draft peace conditions were handed over to Hungary on the 15 January and the final peace conditions on the 5 or more formally 6 May 1920. The Hungarian peace delegation lead by Count Apponyi finally admitted that the Peace Treaty was delicate for them both from domestic and from foreign political perspective and resigned. Despite it, the representatives of the Hungarian government signed the treaty on 4 June 1920. The main moment in the decision-making of the Hungarian political leaders was the new conception of French foreign policy and the new intention of the French diplomacy was to engage, besides the Allied successor states, also the defeated Hungary in the creation af a balanced compact region in the heart af Europe. In connection with that fact, the secret French-Hungarian politcal negotiations were established and Budapest hoped that it would lead to additionnl revision of the territorial provisions of thc Penae Treaty after its signature.

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