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Paneuropa or Anschluss? The Foreign-Political Background of German-Austrian Customs Union 1931 - Abstract ENG

Miroslav Šepták
The study is based on hitherto unpublished Czech and Cerman sources, Austrian and German published materials and selected memoirs. The German's target of the project of the Custom Union with Austria was to gain Mitteleuropa under their political and economical supremacy as well as to solute economical problems of both countries. Austrian target we could see mainly in their economical crises. The common plan of these countries should have been presented at session of the Study Commission of European Union as a new organization of economy realized by regional agreements according to "Briand Paneuropa". The common plan was rejected by France and Czechoslovakia. In May 1931 the argurmentation of Julius Curtius and Johannes Schober was rejected by other statesmen. The persisting economical troubles of both German speaking countries and the constant French opposition led to the split of the Customs Union.

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