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Bachelor’s programme History – European Studies

General information and course structure

The bachelor’s programme History – European Studies was opened because of the contemporary need of analysis of political, economic, social, cultural, religious and European history in a world-wide context. Exploring the fundamentals and the identity of Europeaness and its understanding represents one of the biggest tasks and challenges for almost every academic institution. It must be bore in mind that it is even more so due to the process of European integration and the dynamic development of the European Union and, last but not least, due to the transformation of the European society into a multicultural society.

The bachelor’s programme History – European Studies focuses on the analysis of European history in the Middle Ages, in the early modern and modern times and in the 20th century. It likewise provides an in-depth analysis of the most important events that played part in their formation and had an impact on their final shape. A significant part of the lectures is devoted not only to the interpretation of political history, but also to various social, geographical, religious and cultural aspects. In addition, particular attention is paid to the influences and impacts of the non-European world on the developments in Europe and European history.

All these processes, from the Middle Ages till the present day, not only took but also are still taking place in Europe and had and quite naturally have a significant impact on European integration and disintegration. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to these questions during various lectures, seminars and tutorials.      

The programme puts also great emphasis on a good understanding of theoretical approaches to history and on an in-depth knowledge of historical methods and methodologies. Additionally, students are also encouraged to adopt multidisciplinary viewpoints when analyzing a particular problem or question. Lecturers at Charles University are erudite in the field of historical theories and methods and students are expected to familiarize themselves with the methods, methodologies and theoretical approaches of the discipline in concern.    

Lecturing in history has a very long tradition at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. To be more precise, history has been taught ever since the 18th century. It was the 19th century though that was the core period for the formation of traditional Czech sciences. It is interesting to note that already in those times Czech historical sciences reflected the developments in the study of history in other parts of Europe and in the U.S. New specialized disciplines in history were born in the 20th century – it is possible to mention the Centre of Ibero-American Studies, for instance, that was founded in the mid-20th century.       

The Institute of World History, as one of the three specialized history departments at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, provides and arranges the lectures and seminars for the bachelor’s programme History – European Studies. The Institute of World History offers students the chance to experience the most modern trends in historical research and in the study of history. The programme aims at contributing to the understanding of modern European development especially as new challenges appeared after the breakdown of the communist bloc in 1989 and after the integration of Central-European and East-European states into the European Union.

Prague Papers

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V pondělí 20. listopadu se ruší konzultační hodiny a bakalářský/diplomový seminář dr. Soukupa a výuka jeho předmětu Úvod do evropských studií I. Ve čtvrtek 23. listopadu se pak ruší veškerá jeho výuka.

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16. November 2017

Z důvodů služební cesty odbadá ve dnech 20. 11.–24. 11. veškerá výuka i konzultační hodiny dr. Valkouna. 

16. November 2017

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