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Members of the Institute have recently been involved in a number of subprojects constituting The Czech Lands in the Past and Present, an interdisciplinary research plan seeking to investigate the changing status of the Czech Lands in the context of Europe from the Middle Ages until the present day. Other recent or current research projects include, to name but a few, Frontiers and Identities, an international effort involving 180 researchers from 45 universities in Europe, resulting in a publication series published by Edizioni Plus, the publishing house of the University of Pisa, Italy, or Perspectives of the West Balkans in the Contexts of Political, National and Demographic Developments Over the Past Twenty Five Years, a project analysing the history of South East Europe from the mid-1980s until the present.

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Prague Papers on the History of International Relations 2011/1Prague Papers on the History of International Relations 2011/2




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